Connecting to the future of automotive mobility. 


More than just roadside assistance.

For 25 years, Club Auto has successfully managed customer experiences on behalf of the top automotive brands in the world.

At Club Auto, we've seen the high rate of change taking place in the Automotive industry. We also recognize the revolutionary changes that are yet to come. Technology is dramatically changing the relationship between automotive companies and their customers.

To help our clients adapt and keep pace in this new economy, Club Auto has undergone revolutionary changes—by investing in people, processes and technology to meet evolving customer expectations.

Club Auto has developed a highly integrated service delivery platform that priovides real-time access to a suite of automotive mobility services. These include: Next-Generation Roadside Assistance, Customer Experience Management, Connected Car Services, Telematics Solutions, Emergency 911 Services, Mobile Self-Serve Solutions, Data Analysis & Insights, Concierge and Professional Services. Find out how we can forge stronger relationships with your customers.


• Next-Gen Roadside Assistance 
• Connected Car Integration 
• Travel Assistance 


• Inbound Customer Care Programs
• Outbound Customer Loyalty Campaigns 
• Customer Information Services  


• Emergency 911 Services 
• Recall Campaign Management 
• Accident Assistance 

Where the rubber meets the road...

Here’s what our valued clients have to say about Club Auto.

"Subaru Canada has come to count on Club Auto’s ability to provide a better experience for our customers."

“We have seen a notable decrease in customer complaints and an overall enhancement to our customer experience.”

"Club Auto was able to transition all of our services right on schedule… the process was incredibly seamless and painless."


Let us help you get there.